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Запчасти для Двигатели Andoria 4СT90

Технические характеристики мотора Ford ASDA 1.4 Duratec

Точный объем1388 см³
Система питанияинжектор
Мощность двс80 л.с.
Крутящий момент124 Нм
Блок цилиндровалюминиевый R4
Головка блокаалюминиевая 16v
Диаметр цилиндра76 мм
Ход поршня76.5 мм
Степень сжатия11
Особенности двсDOHC
Привод ГРМременной
Какое масло лить3.8 литра 5W-30
Тип топливаАИ-95
Экологический классЕВРО 4
Примерный ресурс250 000 км

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Our Recent Google Reviews

Can’t fault them, every time I’ve taken any of my cars they have been helpful, and I’ve never felt like they were trying to extract money unnecessarily. I emailed recently to check what their current protocols were as I wanted a tyre check, and told to bring it down when convenient. I was seen straight away; unfortunately nowhere to wait but during the current situation that is understandable. They did advise a wheel alignment which I thought it might need anyway, that was done on the spot and I was in and out within about 45 minutes. They are always my first port of call for car repairs and MOT and can’t recommend them highly enough.

Always wary about tyre fitters who always want to compare the quotes you have already — their initial quote per tyre was £50 more than BlackCircles. I ordered online to be fitted at Laws. I’ve never had issues changing tyres from winter to summer, but Laws told me they recommend the TPMS to be changed each time. I turned down their offer of £29 per TPMS per wheel and magically the TPMS was damaged on each tyre. They then had to fit new TPMS on each tyre but couldn’t offer their initial offer and it was now £39! That’s a big price hike in 20 minutes. Didn’t like the fact that the TPMS they’d changed couldn’t be found in their bin — even though the bins hadn’t been used that morning and the bin bags were empty. Other garages I’ve used have let me see the parts before disposal. They’ve left a poor impression of tyre fitting via BlackCircles. no wonder the garage didn’t have any other customers that morning.

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Great experience at Laws Tyres. I took my Freelander 2 to get the front tyres replaced (ordered from BlackCircles) but after speaking to a member of staff I was advised that it would be better to replace all 4 at the same time, especially considering the rear ones were very close to the limit, because this could cause issues with the HALDEX. Managed to get another 2 tyres from BlackCircles delivered to the store and a few days later the tyres were fitted. During fitting however they had identified that one of my wheels was buckled and suggested that they could fix it but it will take time and money and there was a small risk of the wheel cracking. I decided to get that done for obvious reasons and after picking up the car I went for a drive and MAN ALIVE, the difference was HUGE! The car drives so much better, there’s no steering wheel wobble at high speeds, something that I was feeling A LOT when I was driving at >70mph, it’s more stable around corners, it’s quitter, more responsive, and generally a much more pleasant driving experience. Even though I ended up spending a lot more money than I was originally planning to spend, I can say with confidence this was the right decision and I’m glad the guys at Laws Tyres made me aware of the issues and gave me the option to decide without putting any pressure on me. I will definitely be coming back in the future but hopefully next time things won’t be as unexpected or expensive!

Having recently suffered a pot hole blow out I contacted the guys who were extremely helpful . Wheel removal , tyre sourcing and wheel alignment were all accomplished in a timely manner DG

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Very good team works in Laws Tires and I like how customers are treated there too. I am one of the customers which looking for trust when coming to the garage as you all know not everywhere we can get it nowadays. So after some research i decided to come to Laws Tires garage and was really pleased with the result. They helping to offer the customer best price what they can find and no hidden costs. Everything is clear when its done, how its done and how much its gonna cost me. All customers are highly welcomed and best service given so after all tasks finished and done result would be satisfying too even if does cost money. That’s what we all want . Recommend to all.

Laws Tyres is the destination to book excellent car services and quality tyres online. We stock exceptional tyres from leading brands across the globe for you to choose from.

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