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ACEA C3 (12), API SN, MB 229.51/229.52, VW 502.00/505.00/505.01, DEXOS 2, BMW LL-04.

Артикул: 36313

Литраж (дилер): 5L

Кол-во в упаковке: 3


Страна: Бельгия

Вязкость при 40°C (mm2/s) : 72.60

Вязкость при 100°C (mm2/s) : 12.50

Температура самовоспламенения (°C) : 230

Температура застывания (°C) : -36

Плотность при 15°C (kg/l): 0.851

Индекс вязкости: 172

Щелочное число (mgKOH/g): 7.4

Сульфатная зольность (%) : 0.78

Вязкость при -35°C (mPa.s): 6 136

  • 3 490 руб.


O-Ring Sealing for Maximum Service Life in Aggressive HTS Turbine Oils

Mil-PRF-23699 HTS (High Thermal Stability) turbine oils are industry standards for commercial and military aircraft applications. These synthetic oils are favored for their superior thermal and oxidation stability over a wide range of operating conditions. The increased stability of these oils provide a reduction in carbon deposits that would be experienced with standard oils under high operating conditions. What you may not realize is that HTS oil can be detrimental if the seal material is not properly selected.

Limitations of traditional elastomers

Fluorosilicone and fluorocarbons are two seal materials, both having widespread use in jet engine applications. Fluorosilicone is favored for its flexibility at low temperatures, while AMS7276 type fluorocarbons offer increased high temperature stability. Known for its long term compression set resistance, fluorocarbon can extend the life of a seal well beyond a typical fluorosilicone maintenance cycle. While both materials see high success when used in jet fuel environments, they face problems as primary seals in HTS oil. Exposure to HTS oil causes fluorosilicone and AMS7276 type fluorocarbon to swell and soften.

New generation technology

For over 20 years, customers have relied on Parker’s HTS oil resistant materials like VM128 and VM835. Our new generation technology, VM125, offers improved compression set resistance compared to legacy materials used in the industry. This material is specifically designed for maximum service life in aggressive HTS turbine oils, with no significant change in the physical properties. VM125 is fully compatible with all hydrocarbon-based hydraulic oils and jet fuels. In addition, VM125 is approved to AMS-R-83485 and listed on the Qualified Product Listing (QPL) for AMS7287, the document that supersedes AMS-R-83485.

Justin Byarski, Business Development Engineer and representative at the SAE CE meetings comments, “It is an exciting time to support industry leaders with our material development and design expertise. VM125 is a great example of how Parker uses that expertise to push material performance to the next level.”

Learn more

View all the advantages of VM125 by reviewing our bulletin or for more information, speak to one of our applications engineers at 859-335-5101 or visit the Parker O-Ring Division.

If you are planning to attend the 2016 Farnborough International Air Show, please visit the Parker Hannifin Corporation booth — Hall 4, Stand E50, click here for more information about the show.

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Justin Byarski Business Development Engineer, Aerospace, MicroE and Life Sciences, Parker O-Ring & Engineered Seals Division.

Fourth generation security

Sailfish OS has a host of modern security functionalities developed specifically for corporate and governmental environments. In Sailfish 4 user data is fully encrypted and applications are protected by Firejail sandboxing. Connectivity is behind a firewall and protected with in-built support for VPNs, and automatic backups always secure your data. Core OS services are sandboxed using systemd, and the whole system can be managed on the OS level with the full-scale MDM capability.

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HTC Vive offers up to £150 off VR headsets for limited time

What do I need to know? HTC Vive is running a back-to-school promotion for select virtual reality (VR) headsets across the UK from now until 7 September 2021.

HTC Vive Pro Eye

What are the offers? £150 off the recommended retail price (RRP) of Cosmos, Cosmos Elite, the Pro full kit and Pro Eye, while you can get £100 off the RRP of the Cosmos Elite head-mounted display option.

What else do I need to know? These offers will run alongside those currently live in Europe, Middle East and Africa territories (excluding the UK and France) from now until 2 September.

Taqtile introduces enhanced digital twins for easier task completion

What do I need to know? Taqtile is continuing to make its Manifest work-instruction solution more powerful and easier for front-line workers to use with new enhanced digital twins capabilities. Viewed and manipulated within the Manifest augmented reality (AR) environment, digital twins are static or animated 3D models of real-world equipment, which can be fused with internet of things (IoT) data, such as revolutions per minute, pressure, and temperature.

How do these enhanced capabilities benefit users? The key benefit of Manifest digital twins is the ability to view and virtually interact with physically large pieces of equipment. Digital twins provide access to clear, uncomplicated views of the equipment and its individual components, making it easier to follow repair and maintenance procedures on-site, perform training in a classroom, and review equipment remotely.

Digital twins in Manifest

How can users get started? Digital twins are simple to incorporate into Manifest, requiring little to no 3D computer-aided design expertise. Views from different perspectives can be made available to operators via Manifest drop-down menus or automatically displayed in the context of a specific step or task. Virtual views inside the equipment itself are possible, enabling operators to see the state of the equipment and understand how individual pieces of machinery are constructed.

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Key quote from Dirck Schou, chief executive officer, Taqtile: “Digital twins are the latest example of how we are constantly improving the functionality and usability of Manifest, making it more valuable for our customers and their front-line employees. There is not another application in the workplace that so elegantly unites step-by-step procedures, access to remote knowledge experts, real-time IoT data, and anywhere-anytime availability in one platform like Manifest.”

From The Future CEO releases How Virtual Reality Will Revolutionize Training and Education ebook

What do I need to know? The chief executive officer VR training developer From the Future, Mike Christian, has written an educational ebook about the solutions and benefits that the immersive technology can provide to students and educators.

What does the ebook cover? Christian goes into detail about the potential impact of immersive learning from the digitisation of formal approaches to education, such as learning by doing, to gifting students and instructors with virtual superpowers.

What is the author’s background? How Virtual Reality Will Revolutionize Training and Education was written from a futurist’s perspective. Christian draws on decades of experience creating virtual worlds and developing VR experiences and apps for training, therapy, and rehabilitation to clearly communicate the potential of this new medium. Readers will not only learn how VR will enhance training and education but also how it might hold the key to developing heightened intelligence.

How do I get hold of a copy? The How Virtual Reality Will Revolutionize Training and Education ebook is available now. To request your free copy and learn more about VR, visit the From The Future website. Watch the launch trailer for the ebook below.

Key quote from Christian: “It takes quite a while, and quite a lot of iterations to create a mental model when you are trying to learn. In virtual reality, all of that is done for you. Education that takes weeks could take days, education that takes days could take hours, or even minutes.”

IrisVR creates end-to-end coordination for AEC teams with immersive issue tracking feature

What do I need to know? VR and AR collaboration providers IrisVR and The Wild, which acquired the company earlier this year, are supporting immersive end-to-end issue tracking in IrisVR’s flagship product, Prospect. This product update allows for a full-cycle coordination workflow for building teams working with 3D models such as Revit and Navisworks. This will be the product’s first release in 2021.

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Why is issue tracking so important? In the architecture, engineering and construction sector, tracking issues at human-scale in VR is critical for catching design issues and reducing costly requests for information before construction even begins. Not long ago, engineering and construction teams used to be able to gather around a conference room table, but with the majority of professionals still working remotely, VR makes it possible to capture issues, feedback, and decisions in one centralised place.

Where can I find out more? IrisVR has written this useful blog post explaining the update and what designers and engineers can achieve while working in VR. With this latest release, Prospect by IrisVR now also supports Navisworks 2022, Revit 2022, and SketchUp 2021. You can also watch the video below to find out more.

Key quote from Michael Black, a BIM coordinator at SNC Lavalin and user of Prospect: “[U]sing Prospect has significantly improved the quality of our interdisciplinary coordination and early issue detection identification between design, construction, and maintenance.”

Don’t forget to read the latest issue of VRWorldTech Magazine. And never miss an issue again by picking up a subscription today.

Images: HTC Vive, Taqtile, From The Future and IrisVR


Mobil Jet Oil 254 is recommended for aircraft gas turbine engines of the turbo-jet, turbo-fan, turbo-prop, and turbo-shaft (helicopter) types used in commercial and military service. It is also suitable for aircraft-type gas turbine engines used in industrial or marine applications.Mobil Jet Oil 254 is approved against the High Thermal Stability (HTS) classification of U.S. Military Specification MIL-PRF-23699. It is also compatible with other synthetic gas turbine lubricants meeting MIL-PRF-23699. However, mixing with other products is not recommended because the blend would result in some loss of the superior performance characteristics of Mobil Jet Oil 254.Mobil Jet Oil 254 is completely compatible with all metals used in gas turbine construction, as well as with F Rubber (Viton A), H Rubber (Buna N), and other commonly used seal materials.

Mobil Jet Oil 254 has the following builder approvals *

• Rolls-Royce/Allison Engine Company

• General Electric Company

• International Aero Engines

• Pratt and Whitney Group

• Pratt and Whitney, Canada

• Honeywell/Garrett Turbine Engine Company

• Honeywell-Auxiliary power units and air cycle machines

• Hamilton Sundstrand Corp.-APUs, constant-speed drives and integrated-drive generators

* Specific engine or equipment approval must be verified with the builder

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