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Что такое двигатель lwb

Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect — лёгкий коммерческий автомобиль компании Ford Europe. Производство осуществляет Ford Otosan. Фургон спроектирован Питером Хорбери ( англ. ) и впервые представлен в 2002 году для замены серии фургонов Courier на базе Fiesta, выпуск которых прекратился в том же году.

В 2012 году был представлен Transit Connect второго поколения. Модель для досуга Ford Tourneo Connect — это тот же Transit Connect, но с боковыми окнами и задними сиденьями. В США все Transit Connect импортируются как пассажирские автомобили, чтобы обойти 25%-ый «Куриный налог» на ввозимые лёгкие грузовики.

Transit Connect использует переднеприводную платформу Ford C170 международного Ford Focus — такая же платформа сейчас используется в североамериканском Ford Focus. Помимо названия, Transit Connect имеет с моделью Ford Transit несколько общих компонентов. Connect производит компания Automobile Craiova в Румынии и Otosan на новом турецком заводе в Гёльджюк провинции Коджаэли.

Ford Transit Connect получил от журнала «англ. Professional Van and Light Truck » титул «Фургон года 2004». В первый год на американском рынке на «Североамериканском международном автосалоне (NAIAS) Коннекту присуждён титул «Североамериканский грузовик года 2010».

Внешний вид

Невооруженным взглядом можно определить, что модель LWB значительно отличается от обычного Range Rover. В частности, двери задней части автомобиля стали больше. В них может войти и из них может выйти самый «весомый» во всех смыслах человек. На передних дверях разместили шильдик с буквой «Л», что, видимо, обозначает, как раз, «Лонг». Размер автомобиля подчеркивается всеми возможными способами.

Отступая, стоит отметить, что любой «Ровер» характеризуется яркой внешностью. Часто именно из-за внешности потребитель делает выбор в пользу автомобилей этой марки.

Ассистент начала движения на подъеме

Удерживает автомобиль на месте при начале движения, с помощью штатной тормозной системы, предотвращая откат автомобиля назад. Когда автомобиль начинает двигаться вперед, система «отпускает» тормоз автоматически.

Активный контроль загрузки (LAC)

Работая вместе с ESC, система определяет массу груза, его расположение в грузовом отсеке и рассчитывает изменение расположения центра масс автомобиля. Исходя из этих параметров, система LAC изменяет настройки всех связанных систем (ABS, ASR, ESC и ROM) таким образом, чтобы они могли работать максимально эффективно.





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Driven: SsangYong Musso LWB Review

Who would have thought that SsangYong would ever be able to claim to offer a luxury pickup truck, but here we are with a review of the Musso, complete with an equipment list that wouldn’t look out of place in an Audi brochure.

That’s no good if it doesn’t fulfil the brief of being a pickup suitable for commercial use, but SsangYong fits a strong 2.2-litre diesel engine, a proper four-wheel-drive system and suspension tough enough to offer a best-in-class payload. This Rhino LWB model also has an extended load box, offering greater volume.

It does this all at prices substantially lower than its rivals, so what’s the catch? We put the Musso to the test to find out.

SsangYong Musso LWB: Exterior

There’s a strong resemblance between the Musso and SsangYong’s Rexton SUV, and for good reason – the pickup has been developed from the passenger car and shares many of its design cues.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I won’t be unkind about the face of the Musso. It’s neither bulky or aggressive, as with so many rivals, but it also doesn’t offer a distinctive and stylish alternative. It’s just a little bland, but then that might be what you want.

Muscular shoulders stand above the wheel arches, front and rear, to accentuate its bulk, but there’s a delicacy to it all that keeps it from looking unwieldy. The load box is integrated into the design, rather than looking like a bolt-on afterthought, which helps convey a sense of completeness.

It’s all rather well-considered, even down to the doors. These wrap around the base of the cab, keeping the sills clean and mud-free, preventing marks on the back of your trouser leg as you leave the vehicle. Handy after a bout of off-roading…

It’s not quite as harmonious at the rear, where some distinctive lights flank the heavily contoured tailgate. There are a lot of lines and angles coming together, and they don’t all work well.

And, love them or loathe them, I could do without the huge RHINO and 4×4 stickers along the side.

SsangYong Musso LWB: Interior

Stepping into the Musso is always a surprising event. Where you might expect brittle plastics and low-tech equipment, you’ll find plush soft-touch materials and the largest touchscreen panel in the sector.

You won’t mistake it for a luxurious car, but first impressions are that the Musso is closer than many, and that includes the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. This Rhino specification model benefits from extra luxurious items, such as heated Nappa leather seats and steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, a reversing camera and plenty of safety kit.

At the other end of the model range lies the EX, which misses out on the touchscreen system, but still looks and feels more welcoming than, say, a Toyota Hilux Active, never reminding you that you’ve picked the budget option. Still, the steering wheel only reaches for rake, and not reach, unlike the rest of the range, which seems a little stingy.

Rebel models get more goodies (including that heated steering wheel, an 8.0-inch infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and larger alloy wheels) while Saracen adds leather trim, cruise control, parking sensors, and a larger 9.2-inch screen with navigation. This Rhino model probably has a kitchen sink installed somewhere…

Inexplicably, there’s even an option to change the clicking noise from the indicators. Fancy the sound of crickets as you negotiate a left-hand turn? Yes, you can make that happen.

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Space is plentiful all around, with rear passengers getting more headroom than usual. The floor is also flat, making it comfortable for three passengers to squeeze into the rear seats, something that you can’t manage in every truck.

Do note that the Rhino LWB tested here might be longer than the standard Musso, but it’s all in the load bay so there’s no more room inside.

SsangYong Musso LWB: On the Road

Being based on a road-focussed SUV, you’d hope that the Musso behaves well on the road and, in some areas, it does.

Handling is impressive, as accurate as any of its rivals, with steering that is well-weighted and precise, turning with a sharpness few trucks can match. Body roll is kept well in check too, leaving you feeling confident in the pickup’s abilities.

However, that comes at a price, and that’s disappointing ride quality. To cope with the payload it can take, and to keep the body upright through the bends, the suspension is firm. Very firm. Even a new section of motorway still left the Musso jiggling around, never settling.

Stacking the back with a 700kg payload made a significant difference, removing the ceaseless jittering, but nothing can mask the shake that goes through the cabin as you hit any imperfection.

There’s just one engine option for the Musso, a 2.2-litre diesel that produces a healthy 181hp and 420Nm of torque. Performance is strong, with the automatic models taking 11.9 seconds to hit 62mph (the manual is slightly quicker, at 11.3 seconds) which is as quick as you’ll find this side of a Ford Ranger – or a V6-powered Volkswagen Amarok if you can find any left in stock.

It’s a refined unit, never vocally intruding into the cabin so, ride quality aside, it’s a great truck for a long journey. Pair it with the six-speed automatic gearbox and it’s a pleasure to cruise along, although the manual option isn’t a poor choice. You don’t get the choice with the Rhino LWB though, as that’s only available as an auto.

That smooth and quiet engine isn’t the most economical, with an official economy figure of 28.2mpg. Fortunately, that seems to be pretty close to the mark, with our time with the truck seeing an average figure of 27.5mpg returned.

SsangYong Musso LWB: Off Road

SsangYong has ensured that the Musso is well equipped for reasonably rough terrain, with a part-time selectable four-wheel-drive system. Switching takes a few seconds and is initiated simply by turning a rotary dial in the centre console.

We’ve previously driven the Musso across ice-covered mountain passes and through muddy fields and it’s performed well. SsangYong doesn’t provide the option of a differential lock, but the electronic driving aids are impressive, to a point.

However, the Musso’s SUV origins become obvious when you look at its extreme capabilities. A ride height of 220mm is acceptable, if far from class-leading, but approach, departure and ramp over angles are all at the lower end of what you might expect. The wading depth is woeful at 350mm – almost half a metre less than a Ford Ranger’s 800mm limit.

Those needing to run a pickup through punishing terrain might want to look elsewhere, but the Musso manages far more than being just a lifestyle accessory.

Approach angle (°)19.5Climbing angle limit (°)TBC
Departure angle (°)20.5Ground clearance (mm)220
Ramp angle limit (°)20Wading depth (mm)350
Side angle limit (°)TBC
SsangYong Musso LWB: Payload and Towing

While the Musso’s off-road capabilities might leave a little to be desired, there’s no such problem with its payload capacity.

With a payload limit of 1,140kg, there isn’t another double-cab on the market that can carry more. Even the regular ‘short’ Musso can carry up to 1,095kg of cargo (and passengers) but the heavy-duty suspension on the Rhino LWB improves that to a class-leading figure.

Towing limits are set at the usual 3,500kg, but what sets the Musso apart is that its gross train weight is rated at 6,900kg. This means you can tow the full 3.5t allowance while also fully loading the pickup with 1,140g of cargo. There’s no other pickup that can carry its entire payload and tow the maximum trailer weight at the same time.

However, that’s only true of the automatic model. Opt for a manual gearbox and the towing limits are cut by 300kg, with a matching reduction in GTW.

The load bed will accommodate all that cargo, too, thanks to a length of 1,610mm. That’s second only to a Ford Ranger, but by just 3mm. However, the Musso’s load box depth of 570mm will ensure more of your load is secure than the 511mm offered by the Ford. As with most pickups, it’ll easily take a euro pallet in the back, squeezing between the wheel arches without a problem.

Kerb weight (kg)2,260Load bay length (mm)1,610
Gross vehicle weight (kg)3,400Load bay width (mm)1,570
Payload (kg)1,140Load bay height (mm)570
Gross vehicle mass (kg)6,900Load bay capacity (l)TBC
Towing capacity braked (kg)3,500Towing capacity unbraked (kg)750
SsangYong Musso LWB: Verdict

There are many things to like about the Musso, not least its plush interior and extensive equipment list. However, to get the most out of it, you do need to move up to the top of the range and the resulting £30k price tag starts to undermine the value proposition a little.

Despite that, the appeal of a seven-year warranty that lasts for up to 150,000 miles can’t be underestimated. It’s a mark of SsangYong’s confidence in its product, and how tough it makes the Musso.

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Despite that toughness, it’s not strong off-road and that limits its appeal, especially to the commercial market. The flip side to that coin is that the Musso’s towing and payload capabilities are the very best in the market, which could be essential to some buyers.

For those sticking mostly to the road, and venturing no further off-road than into slightly muddy fields, the SsangYong makes a strong case for itself.

It’s quiet, spacious, refined, well equipped and engaging to drive. It certainly deserves more attention than it gets.

Model Tested: SsangYong Musso Rhino LWB Automatic

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Commanding form

The Bentley Flying Spur is designed to command attention. Its sleek lines are created with superformed aluminium – including the largest superformed panel on any car, anywhere in the world. The resulting near-seamless surface can be considered a hallmark of Bentley exterior design.

At either side of the gleaming vertical vane grille, LED matrix headlamps sparkle like crystal-cut glasses, each one enhanced by a gleaming chrome sleeve. Crowning the grille, meanwhile, is the pièce de résistance: a striking ‘Flying B’ bonnet mascot. Always crafted from virgin stainless steel and hand-polished, it houses the innovative illuminating wings which light up in synchronicity with the headlamps.


Inside the car, a world of unrivalled luxury awaits. Stunning natural materials of wood and leather, crafted by hand to bring out their beauty, meet the glass and steel of 21st Century technology in a breathtaking example of automotive cabin design.

A wide centre console rises from the centre of the car and flows up into the dashboard – which in turn wraps seamlessly into the doors, creating a ‘ring of wood’ that adds to the sense of space and light. Everywhere you look, Bentley’s renowned attention to detail is at play. The dashboard’s centre vent is modelled on the Bentley ‘B’ design of the rear lamps – and it incorporates an eye-catching Bentley clock. Available in a polished or diamond knurled finish, it’s a design echoed in the rear cabin’s centre vents, giving the entire interior a truly harmonious feel.



The Flying Spur W12 is built on Bentley’s hallmark 6.0 litre W12 engine. Delivering a sense of truly limitless acceleration, its phenomenal power can propel it to a top speed of 207 mph (333 km/h).

The Flying Spur V8 offers an exhilarating alternative, complete with the inimitable V8 exhaust note. Its racetrack-proven 4.0 litre engine is lighter than that of its W12 stablemate, aiding acceleration and handling, while it can reach a top speed of 198 mph (318 km/h).

For those seeking a more progressive option, there is the 2.9 litre V6 Flying Spur Hybrid, offering the capability for emission-free driving without compromising on the exhilarating power for which Bentley is famous.

The Flying Spur Mulliner represents the ultimate in Bentley luxury, in a car that can be commissioned with your choice of the above powertrains.*

*Availability depends on country of purchase. Please check with your Bentley dealer.


Seamless Technology

Thanks to a suite of connected digital technology, you can enjoy the seclusion of travelling in the ultimate luxury sedan, while remaining in constant touch with the outside world.

In the centre of the dash, a 12.3” HD touchscreen includes split-screen functionality, allowing you to change music without losing sight of the navigation, for example. Behind the front seats, meanwhile, the Touch Screen Remote is a wireless tablet that gives rear-seat passengers access to many interior functions, including controlling the infotainment system, adjusting ventilation and opening and closing the sunroof. It can even be used to store pre-set configurations for mood lighting.

Available for all Flying Spur models, the new Bentley Rear Entertainment system offers passengers in the back seats even greater opportunity to immerse themselves in digital content. With two high-definition 10.1” screens – one fitted to the back of each headrest – they can enjoy films, music and other media streamed directly from their mobile devices.

Stay connected

Technology accessible through the infotainment system includes Apple CarPlay® and photorealistic landscapes through Satellite maps. Realtime Traffic Information and Swarm Technology combine to give advance warning of changing road or traffic conditions and local hazard information.

You can also access driving range, engine diagnostics and even lock and unlock your car remotely, with the My Bentley smartphone app. It’s all designed to provide convenience and assurance about your car and the journey ahead.

Apple CarPlay® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Bentley Rotating Display

Journeys are made all the more extraordinary through innovations such as the optional Bentley Rotating Display. Hidden beneath a beautifully veneered fascia, it rotates when you start the car to reveal an advanced digital display featuring apps, media and vehicle information. A further rotation reveals three classic analogue dials with jewel-like chrome bezels. So you can switch on when you need to and switch off when you want.


The City Specification is designed to make your urban exploration easier, with traffic sign recognition, hands-free boot opening, city assist, reversing traffic warning, top view camera and automatic dimming mirrors. Alternatively, the optional Touring Specification strengthens the Flying Spur’s ability on longer journeys by providing Bentley Safeguard Plus, Night Vision, head up display, and adaptive cruise control.


Finishing Touches

Make your Flying Spur truly your own by selecting one of our seven standard paint colours – or choose from the extended or Mulliner paint ranges, including new Cambrian Grey. You can explore the many colours and finishes available on the Bentley Configurator.

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Bring your Flying Spur to life in a way that reflects your unique style. Two visually striking options have been designed to enhance its contemporary style: Blackline Specification replaces most of the exterior chrome elements with a gloss black finish, while the Carbon Fibre Body Kit creates a bold and assertive look.

Our sustainably sourced wood veneers give the fascia a remarkably individual look and feel. You can explore a choice of ten single veneers – including open pore Koa or Dark Burr Walnut – with or without an optional chrome pinstripe. Alternatively, you can opt for one of six Dual Veneers by Mulliner.

The cabin is upholstered in some of the finest leather used in the automotive world, with a selection of five standard hide colours to choose from. Add the optional Colour Specification and this number increases to 15. Diamond knurling, standard on rotary switches and indicator stalks, can be expanded to the clock, along with the bullseye and centre vents, for a particularly unified feel. There is also a choice of three audio systems, including one by Bang & Olufsen and one by Naim.

Visit our configurator to explore more finishing touches and how you can create your bespoke car.

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*AUTO-CAMPER DAY VAN, ECO-LINE* **LONG WHEEL BASE, HI-LINE, TWO BERTH WITH LOADSPACE** FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM KOMBI TREND LWB High Roof, L2 H2 130ps, 2.0 litre 6-Speed manual gearbox Frozen White New conversion 12 months conversion warranty MOT expiry 06/01/22 upgraded high security doo.

**AVAILABLE TO ORDER, PLEASE CALL FOR MORE DETAILS** DUAL REAR WHEELS 6,500kg GROSS TRAIN MASS 2.0 130PS Euro 6 engine Un registered Ford Transit T350 EF Lwb Chassis Cab. 2.0 Ltr 130PS Tdci Euro 6 Turbo diesel, 6 speed manual gearbox Power steering, Driver air bag, Remote centra.

**AVAILABLE TO ORDER, PLEASE CALL FOR MORE DETAILS** **Cab Air Con** Un-registered Ford Transit T350 L3 Lwb Crew cab. SEVEN SEATS 2021 registered «21» reg 2.0 Ltr 170PS Tdci Euro 6 Turbo diesel engine AdBlue 6 Speed manual gearbox Power steering, Divers air bag, Radio with MP3 aux Tinte.

**AVAILABLE TO ORDER, PLEASE CALL FOR MORE DETAILS** Ford Transit T350 L4 Lwb Chassis Cab. 2.0 Ltr 130PS Tdci Euro 6 common rail «EcoBlue» Turbo diesel, 6 speed manual gearbox Power steering, Driver air bag, Remote central double locking, Electric windows & mirrors, heated windscreen Dua.

**AVAILABLE TO ORDER, PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR DATE AVAILABILITY** Un-registered delivery mileage Ford Transit T350 L2 Mwb Alloy Tipper. 2.0 Ltr 170PS EURO 6 Tdci EcoBlue Turbo diesel, 6 Speed manual gearbox Power steering, Drivers air bag, Radio with MP3 aux & Bluetooth. Electric windows, Remot.

**RARE HIGH SIDED TIPPER** Un-registered Import Chassis with delivery mileage Ford Transit T350 L2 MWB Alloy Tipper. 2.0 Ltr 130ps Eurp 6 Tdci common rail Turbo diesel, 6 Speed manual gearbox Power steering, Drivers air bag, Radio with MP3 aux & Bluetooth. Electric windows, Remote central doubl.

**AVAILABLE TO ORDER, PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR DATE AVAILABILITY** Un-registered delivery mileage Import Ford Transit T350 L3 Lwb Toolpod Alloy Tipper. 2.0 Ltr 130PS EURO 6 Tdci common rail «Duratorq» Turbo diesel, 6 Speed manual gearbox Power steering, Drivers air bag, Radio with MP3 aux & Bluetooth. Electri.

**AVAILABLE TO ORDER, PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR DATE AVAILABILITY** *2.0 130ps Euro 6 Engine — DUAL rear wheels** Un-registered «Import» Ford Transit T350 “Base” L2 Mwb Chassis cab. 2.0 Ltr 130PS Tdci Euro 6 Turbo diesel engine 6 Speed manual gearbox Power steering, Divers air bag, Radio wit.

**AVAILABLE TO ORDER, PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR DATE AVAILABILITY** **6,500KG GROSS TRAIN MASS FOR TOWING** Please note, the LED roof light and tow bar are chargeable cost options. (Not included in the screen price) Un-registered Ford Transit T350 L3 Lwb Crew cab. SEVEN SEATS 2021 registered «21.

**AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW** **HIGH SPEC CAB INC HIGH VIS PACK, HEATED SEATS, AIR CON, ICE PACK 21** **2.0 130ps Euro 6 Engine with 6,500 Gross train mass** Un-registered «Import» Ford Transit T350 “Base” L2 Mwb Chassis cab. 2.0 Ltr 130PS Tdci Euro 6.2 Turbo diesel engine 6 Speed manua.

*IN STOCK TODAY** **GREAT CONDITION** **AUTOMATIC — LIMITED SERIES 6 SEATER** ***LOW MILEAGE***EURO 6***130PS*** Ford Transit Custom T300 LIMITED L1 H1 DCIV — 6 Seat Van 1577mm load length 2.0 Ltr 130ps Euro 6 Tdci Engine Six speed AUTOMATIC gearbox Ford warranty to March 17th 2024 Moondus.

**AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW** **DUAL REAR WHEELS — REAR WHEEL DRIVE** **2.0 130ps Euro 6 Engine with 6,500kg Gross train mass** Un-registered «Import» Ford Transit T350 “Base” L2 Mwb Chassis cab. 2.0 Ltr 130PS Tdci Euro 6 Turbo diesel engine 6 Speed manual gearbox Power steering, Diver.

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